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Northern Tablelands Sky Observations

Latest Sky Observations
Time Vis Cloud Current weather Past weather
09:00 EDT
50000 7/8 -- Ac Cs Sky unchanged Cloudy at times  
00:00 EDT
- 8/8 - -  
09:00 EDT
50000 6/8 Cloud developing Mostly cloudy  
00:00 EDT
- 8/8 Mist -  
09:00 EDT
25000 4/8 -- -- Ci Cloud dissolving Mostly cloudy  
15:00 EDT
50000 6/8 Cb -- Cs Thunder Thunderstorm
Cloudy at times
thunder from 1400 hrs /1500 hrs
00:00 EDT
- - - Precipitation  
09:00 EDT
20000 1/8 Cu -- -- Sky unchanged Mostly clear  
09:00 EDT
35000 6/8 Cu Ac Cc Cloud developing Cloudy at times ORIG-undefined; Input by Mascot Comms Desk. region
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Weather News

Storms ease across south-east Queensland

21:20 EDT

Towns in Queensland's south-east have been hit by storms, but Brisbane has escaped much of the rainfall and the weather is no longer regarded as severe.

Dry spring set to continue across NSW

17:59 EDT

The start of spring has been unusually dry across most of New South Wales.

Queensland coast warned to prepare for hot, fast fire season

14:52 EDT

The Queensland Rural Fire Service says fires on parts of the state's coast will burn hotter and faster this season due to the ongoing dry.